The Process

Step 1
We begin our relationship getting to know each other with a conversation on the phone or video chat. This call is to listen to your wants, needs and dreams for the project(s) you have in m mind. We get a feel for your lifestyle and offer some suggestions you may not have thought of. From this discussion, you will receive a verbal estimated investment for your project is a bracketed amount from highest to lowest. eg. The bathroom of your dreams as described by you will take an investment of $$$ to $$.

At the end of the discussion, we will decide what the next steps should be:

  1. You and Ewog decide that we are ready to move forward on the project and book a time to enter into a formal design agreement to develop a project plan.
  2. You and Ewog decide to move forward together with an on-site consultation to get a deeper understanding of the project and what’s involved.
  3. You take some time to think about the project and the investment required. We agree to a follow-up call to review your thoughts.

Step 2
If you have decided to move forward with either a design agreement or on-site consultation, we come to your home to take pictures/measurements and get a deeper understanding of the project. This information is used to create a Project Plan and a written Budget Estimate – a general summary of what was discussed, maybe some options that can be added and a more accurate budget number.

Step 3
We then set another appointment to present our ideas, plans and a written contract laying-out the responsibilities of both parties. The contract will have a fixed price for the total renovation plus the second most important document in a successful agreement – the Job Change Sheet.The Job Change Sheet is used to document changes to the original agreement. It lists the change, the cost, date and is initialed by both parties. This way, there are no surprises on the final bill.

Step 4
We will bring our subcontractors by to introduce them to you and get their commitment on the best way to proceed with their aspect of the renovation. We can also recommend other professionals that bring their own experience to bear on selecting materials and products that fit into a total vision for the entire home.

Step 5
Communication is a big factor in any successful project and you are encouraged to ask any question about anything, anytime. We know remodelling can be overwhelming and we want you to feel secure with your investment. We know what happens during a project but you may not be so sure and the only way to find out is to ask. The only stupid question is the one that is not asked.

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